US Powerball Lottery

The Powerball Lottery has been in play in one form or another since the late nineteen eighties. It is offered in many states in the US. The powerball offers huge payouts on a couple of dollars bet. The players choose 6 numbers in total. 5 regular numbers and then a powerball number. 

The numbers are offered on a ticket that has three game plays available. All three can be played for the same drawing. The powerball also offers a multiplier feature for an extra charge that will multiply the winnings. 

There are several ways to win cash prizes when you play the powerball. You can win obviously by picking all 5 of the regular numbers and the powerball right which makes you the jackpot winner. You can also win smaller prizes by picking a partial amount of numbers right. 

Prizes for picking just the powerball and one other number are available. 

Machine Picks 

You can choose to let the machine pick your numbers. There is no difference in the odds of winning whether you choose the numbers or you allow the computer to choose the numbers. People have won doing things either way. 

Some people swear by “quick picks” or machine picks while others play their favorite numbers. 

Where to Play 

The powerball lottery is drawn twice a week, Wednesdays and Saturdays tickets are sold up to 15 minutes before the drawing times. You can play by purchasing a ticket in one of the states that offer the game or you can play online. 

Purchasing Powerball Lottery tickets online is an easy option if you do not live in a state that offers the Powerball. It is a great option even if you do live in a state that offers the Powerball if you have trouble remembering to stop and buy your ticket. 

Buying lottery tickets online is completely secure and legal and it is a great way to get the lottery tickets you want no matter where in the world you live! 

A Great Game 

Powerball Lottery is a well established lottery that pays out big bucks but remember you got to be in it to win it. You have to have your tickets or you will never for sure win anything. Playing the lottery has never been easier than playing online!