Francelotto: Playing and Winning The France Nationale Loto

Playing the lotto no matter what country you are in is as much fun as you want it to be. You can always play for the winnings or like many other persons who just play to pass some time and hoping they can hit the big jackpot. The France Nationale Loto is one such which has drawn the attention of many French players over the years and have also seen loads of winners whether the big jackpot or one of the payout prizes. The French lotto started as far back as May 19, 1976 and has seen millions of players coming close and even far from the jackpot. Nonetheless, they have played the games just the same.


However, on October 6, 2008, there was a drastic change to the format in which the games were played. Formally, players would select 6 numbers from 1 to 49 when purchasing their tickets. With the new format however, they are required to select 5 numbers from the same 1 to 49 but have to choose the additional 1 out of 1 to 10. The draws are normally held on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays.

The odds of winnings are relatively small compared to many other major lotteries of some countries. This odd of winning the jackpot (all 6 numbers) are roughly one in 19,069,000 which increased after the major changes were made. Though the odds have become higher for winning, there are certain methods and tactics you can choose from to develop a greater chance of winning. Winning the lottery is not as hard and can be won if you play with a smart mind. If you want to play this game online you can play at the Lottosend online lotto messenger service website.

How to the win the France Nationale Loto

Winning any lottery takes time to assess your number selection and what you put in place to come to those chosen numbers. We have outlined a few tips you can follow as a guide to winning the French lottery as many persons whom have incorporated these tips have gained winnings from it. A lottery expert has noted some of the most successful ways of winning the lottery, which they themselves have used to win. These include:

Choosing numbers based on past drawings

Assessing how previous draws and number selection have been is a great pattern to follow when choosing your current numbers. You can choose up to the last ten draws:

  • What portions are the numbers selected from in most of the draws (i.e. 1-10, 11-20, 21-30, 31-40 or 41-49). 
  • If there is a number pattern for most of the numbers being drawn from any of the batches, you may use that as a telltale sign of where you need to focus.
Seeing the French lottery is almost like 2 separate lotteries in that players have to select a 5 out of 49 numbers and a 1 out of 10 numbers, you have to be mindful how to choose from the large number range. Keen focus on the final number is vital as this is the key for hitting the jackpot.

Using odd/even number outputs 

You may also follow a guide on odd and even number selection. There is no guarantee that all even or all odd numbers will be chosen so you may want to take that into consideration. Take for instance in the previous draws you noted a mixture of both; you may want to do the same for your number selection. For instance the five numbers, a great ratio pick may be a 2/3 or a 3/2 selection meaning two odds against three even or a three odds against three even. This drawing selection have showed up in more than 75 percent of all the past draws and will be the case for up to 70 percent in games to be played.

High or low number picks

Based on past draws, how have you noticed the numbers to be drawn? From the 49 numbers, you can separate into two groups, lower batch and higher batch. Has the previous numbers being more from the lower bath or more from the higher batch? If after checking in on the numbers you note this, consider this when selecting your numbers. Bear in mind for any lottery games, the chances of all high numbers or all low being drawn is a rare case so may not be the best option though things can randomly happen. 

Choose randomly played numbers

Based on past drawings, maybe the last five, has there been any group of numbers that were missing and were they a part of the previous winning batch? For example, were there any numbers in the 20s that didn’t show up in the last five wins but showed up in the previous five? Then you may want to add a selection from this group as the odds of having it missing from so many wins may be rare. 

This may also help in the way you select your numbers as based on the last winning draw, you may realize you need to select a number from every group. This for example, 4-16-27-33-48 shows a selection from every group.

Achieve a certain sum

This may sound rather weird but it works. When you choose your five numbers, check to see if their sum add up to 95 through to 160. Based on past winning draws, the sums of the first five numbers have been between this range. This is set to occur in almost 75 percent of every draw. 

After you have selected your first five, then comes the selection of the final and yet, one of the most important of the six numbers. The range to choose from is rather small, 1 to 10 but still needs focus into choosing the right numbers. You can always use some of the tactics for the first five in knowing how and what to choose for the final number. The FranceLotto is played by millions of people each week online and though the odds of winning, it can still work.