1 Out of 3 Lotto Jackpots are Won by a Lottery Syndicate

Yes it's true! 1 out of 3 lottery jackpot prizes are won by a syndicate, this is because of pure logic and mathematics, when a lottery syndicate buys a large number of tickets for each and every draw and plays the tickets together they have a better chance of winning the jackpot. Many jackpot prizes are won by syndicates that buy tickets together on a regular basis.

The 3 Amigos Lottery Syndicate

There are Dozens of Examples of lottery syndicates winning jackpot prizes such as The Three Amigos who won $218 million in the Mega Millions lottery in 2012. We will not be talking about any of these example in our post today, instead we will show you how easy it is to join a USA Powerball or Mega Millions syndicate and how it works.

How to Join a Lotto Syndicate

1) Join an Online Syndicate

Many of the online websites that sell USA Powerball and Mega Millions tickets online also have syndicate (group play) packages that will include purchasing "shares" of a number of tickets in a group that combines a large number of players with a large number of tickets - for example at the Lottosend website currently a Powerball syndicate is comprised of 75 "shares" and 52 tickets - meaning up to 75 people can share the 52 tickets in the group.

2) Creating a Family Lotto Syndicate

Pool a certain amount of money together once per month and agree on a number of tickets that will be bought per week with the money. Family members sometimes can go weeks of even months without seeing each other so it's better if one of the family members "leads" the group and purchases the tickets for each draw, family members can pay back the "leader" whenever convenient.

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Remember to print out a syndicate agreement form and have everyone in the family that is participating in the group sign it. Lottery winnings and windfalls of large amounts of money are one of the things that can break up a family and get family members into arguments so having a form signed by everyone in the family is a good idea.

3) Creating a Workplace Lotto Syndicate

Many of the jackpot winners are work syndicates, the fact that people at the workplace gather together on a daily basis makes it easy to gather money and buy tickets together. Just pool together a few dollars per worker twice a week and buy as many tickets as possible with the money that is pooled together. Remember to print out a syndicate agreement form also in this example and have everyone sign it.

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4) Creating a Syndicate Among Friends 

Also here remember to print out a syndicate agreement form and have everyone sign it. Friends often meet up on a weekly basis to go to the pub or to just hang out, whenever meeting up, pool together some money and buy as many tickets as possible, it can be done on a weekly basis or just spontaneously whenever you meet up with friends.

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Downloading an Agreement Form

You can easily search google for a "simple syndicate agreement form" and print it out and have any members in the syndicate sign it.

Advantages of Playing Online

Playing with an online syndicate group can save you the hassle of having to manage the group and also with the online option you can make sure that you never miss out on a draw and buy a syndicate subscription for up to 104 draws (1 year) in advance.

Splitting Winnings

Remember that when your syndicate wins you have to split the money between the group players, meaning that if there are 12 people in your group and you win a $12,000,000 jackpot - each will get $1,000,000.

With HUGE jackpots worth hundreds of millions, splitting the prize between 75 people will still get you millions of dollars if not even more, with the Mega Millions and Powerball having jackpot of up to $1.5 billion in recent years.