5 Tips for Winning the Lottery

There's no question about it, winning the lottery can drastically changed your life for the better. Just imagine what you would do several million dollars? Sure, most of us who play the lottery will not win the jackpot, there are certainly ways you can improve your odds of winning big.

Feeling lucky? Here are 5 tips for winning the lottery.

1. Stick to Your Intuition

Have some lucky numbers in mind? Stick with them. If you numbers that carry sentimental value to you life, keep using them. Wouldn't it feel horrible to see you take a week off from playing, only to see your own lucky numbers pop up as the winning combination? If you don't play consistently, buy more tickets – this increases your chances for that particular draw.

2. Use Quick Pick or numbers over 31

Here's a well-kept secret used by veterans: play numbers over 31 or use Quick Pick numbers. This does not technically increase your odds of winning, but if you do win, it increases the likelihood that win much more. Why is this? Because studies suggest most people use a combination of birthdays, anniversaries, and so on. So by using Quick Pick or only numbers over 31, you will decrease the odds that you split a large prize.

3. Use Group Syndicates

Increase your odds of winning with people you know and love by starting a lottery syndicate. If everyone contributes a small amount every week, or a larger amount each month, you drastically multiple your chances of snatching a jackpot. Unsurprisingly, a majority of the largest jackpot's ever won were won by groups of people. It is even suggested that 1 out of every 7 $1 million or more lottery prizes have been won by syndicates.

4. Certain Numbers Carry More Weight

To the suprise of many, there are certain numbers that do come up more often than others. The most used numbers that have popped up since the National Lottery started in 1994 (United States) have been the following: 23, 40, 44, 38, 30, and 33. On the contrary, the number 13 has been completely unlucky for international lotteries.

5. Timing Is Everything

This is more a superstitious tip than a mathematical one, but several lottery winners believe the time at which you buy your lottery tickets can affect whether or not you win the lotto jackpot. Even with this said, statistical evidence suggests jackpot winners purchase their tickets on Friday evenings more often than not. Driving home or to the pub after a long week? Stop by your local convenience store beforehand.