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Beat the Odds

We are currently in the midst of a 3 year project, we have been working on software that can positive enhance your chances of winning the USA Powerball lottery by using an algorithm that works by mathematical algorithms using all of the past winning numbers and known methods such as odd / even numbers and beats the odds for you.

Group Play

Not only are we using this system to generate better odds for Powerball lottery players from around the world but even better yet we will be starting an online syndicate so that you will be able to participate with 55 tickets for the price of one.

Win the Jackpot With LottoJackBot

Together with our lottery number generator LottoJackBot and group syndicate play options we are certain (by our calculations) that our players will be able to win a jackpot prize within the next 5 years and share the winnings among themselves within the 30 players per group that will share 55 tickets, using numbers generated by LottoJackBot.

Get in on the fun and make some easy money!